I never believed that design would become my principal passion, because when I was younger I never considered me good in this art.
During my years in the school I never stand out in design, sometimes I did things that my classmates loved, but most of the time I was lacking of inspiration, in part, it was because I felt always compelled to do what the art teachers wanted me to do, and I hardly ever could create what I wanted to.
Later on, when I was finishing my studys at the institute, I specialized in Web Design, which was a good way to mix the work with the art; using a software like Photoshop was incredible. I worked in that branch for 5 years, however, I felt that even when I liked what I was creating, I didn’t have the complete control on the final aspect of my creations. For some reason I felt that the digital work lacked of personality, maybe its because of the interface that didn’t allow me to express all what I wanted to.

Then I tried with the music, I played instruments like the guitar and harmonica. Unfortunately I am not good enough in music, which doesn’t mean that I didn’t had fun with it, but I ended up by putting it of.

I then realized that I was looking for a form of expression, in which I could manifest the world as I wanted it to be,with few boundaries and restrictions. I was in the last years, when I attended an exposition of Picasso in the art museum of Ottawa, it was based on his litographies and not in his best known paintings.
In that moment, I had a revelation and I decided to try with design.

I can say that so far I had a lot of satisfactions with this mode of expression, in many aspects I find that I have the control on the final product, and most of limitations are inherent to the materials chosen, but not to the imagination of the artist.