The warrior
This picture called “The Warrior” symbolises the eternal combat of the human being against problems of live. It is mainly inspired in the art of the culture Mochica, which is one of the most representative and ancient cultures, that stand out in the north of Peru 1000 years before the Incas.
In the foreground, at the left corner down, we can appreciate our principal character, “The Warrior”, whose portrayal is based in the pictures of the “Lords of War”, that were found in the ceramics of the mochicas. He is wearing his war outfit and has his weapons ready to attach to anyone or anything that crosses his way. His opponent is the ocean, and even though he knows that the won’t be able to win such a combat, he keeps a proud attitude face to his fate.
“The warrior” is sailing in an ancient peruvian embarkation called “Caballito de Totora”, which means “ Little Horse of Totora”. This one person only embarkation accentuates the warrior’s character of the image with its two heads of semi dragons-snakes.
In the left half of the picture we can appreaciate the waves of the ocean, that symbolise the problems of life. Each wave has a head, this gives us the idea that ocean is a being alive, with different facets, whose inside is habitated by marine animals that can be appreciated in the bottom of the picture at the left corner.
In the right coner, at the top, we have the respresentation of the sun combining the art of the mochicas with the asiatic Ying and Yang.
In the background we can see a clouds as the only whitness of the unequal combat that will take place.
The use of the black and white was made in purpose to add more drama to the design.

Henry Arias

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