Christmass in Catalonia
This design is inspired in the culture of Catalonia and it is my personal view of how would be the ideal Christmass in that country.
The moon in the left corner and behind the tree makes the star stands out, both together look like an allegory of the catalonian flag. The lines in the tree reflect mix of cultures that shaped the catalonian culture.
We can also find cultural icons, such as the Park Güell and the Milà house in the lower right corner, likewise in the background where the city of Barcelona is represented by some of its well known buildings.
The chain of mountains of Montserrat frames the city, for some catalan people this is a religious place while for others they are a center of energy.
Finally thhe excecution of the sky is inspired by Van Gogh’s famous painting called Starry Night. It symbolises the vangardism that dutch and catalan culture share as consequence of being centers of comercial exchange.

Henry Arias

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